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At Rise High Scaffolding we supply quality built Scaffolding at competitive prices. Safety at Rise High Scaffolding is number one, all of our scaffold meets the Australian standards and all of our workers are up to date with all safety regulations. Our expertise and experience in the industry helps us accomplish any job, there is not a job too big or too small. Planning here at Rise High Scaffolding is also very import, every job is throughly looked over and planned for our licensed scaffolders to install, this also shows you exactly what you are getting.

Our Value

Our team is made up of highly professional scaffolders, labour’s & estimators for all your requirements. Our team can accomplish any job within deadlines if needed to be meet.

We are committed to each and every project we take on. Each project we take on will be built to our clients requirements. We build relationships with our clients, management and on-site trades to ensure we provide the best service. 

Whatever site our team is working on we expect them to uphold the integrity of the company. We will work with our team to ensure that any client requirements are meet.


Our operating principles define how we do business. They drive our thinking, actions, processes and benchmarks. They keep us focused and remind us that we are committed to progress, but not at all costs.


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We’re Hiring

We offer learning and career development to ensure our people realize their potential, think like leaders and take responsibility for building their own careers.

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